Installation at Upper Iowa University

I’ve been fortunate to have had a few chances and opportunities along this path, end of the day, some were good, some were bad, but at least they happened. Here’s a few shots from a solo showing I did in the winter of 2005 at Upper Iowa University, liked the space, and yes, guess I’ve always had a soft spot for stuff on floors too.








One Shot

There’s usually one shot from a show that works and makes things seem like it was worth the effort, and when you can’t find that shot, well, things probably didn’t work.


Art of the Hills

I was asked about 2 years back to write a piece about being a ‘young’ South Dakota artist and reflect upon that experience for a publication based in Hill City, SD, ‘Art of the Hills’. One part observation, another part reflection, and 5 pages of some rather good art and quotes from a few friends too, copies can be found still, just look around.

francis 2francis 3

francis 4

Maker of Things in Masses

I tend to make things in mass, which to me is a practice of one part patience and another part reflection. There might be two or three or there might be a dozen, but while each is similar in form or theme, each is unique in its own small ways. I just make them.


Six Degrees of Separation #2

Six Degrees of Separation #2

This is the second installment of these one-night (about 3 hours) collaboratively produced pieces for a fundraiser last year for the local arts council. I worked alongside Chad Nelson, Nancyjane Huehl, and Jerry Fogg, and together, we made four works in those few short hours.

Make it BIG they said…

Make it BIG they said...

This is a just a mere detail of a much larger piece, 3 panels that measured over 6 feet tall and over 6 feet wide, which was completed at my first ‘Take the Day’ in 2012 held at the Washington Pavilion. For a one-day project, it was overly ambitious, and I wish I had more time to work parts of the piece, the border for instance was never quite as finished as I would of liked, but there are some really nice parts for sure, and it found a good home later that night as it was auctioned off. I have continued to work this idea of multiple raised surfaces, this was a very early attempt at just that, pretty simple and unrefined, but there. I’m currently working on some new forms that will take this idea to new places, and quite unexpected places, so that’s a positive going forward into the next few months ahead.

Coyote of Slim Buttes

Coyote of Slim Buttes

This is one of those sorts of things where I was in the middle of one series transitioning to another series, and things happen along the way. Not sure I’d call this a great piece, but it does have elements from a few past and current pieces that I like, so I’ll leave it alone and move along. From early 2013, ‘Coyote of Slim Buttes’, measures 6 x 9 inches on cradle-board.

Six Degrees of Separation #1

Six Degrees of Separation #1

Here’s one of the four pieces I worked collaboratively on with fellow artists Jerry Fogg, Chad Nelson, and Nancyjane Huehl as part of ‘Six Degrees of Separation’, a then fundraiser for the Sioux Falls Arts Council held in early 2013. Each piece was raffled off at the end the night and I believe they toured a few galleries and venues afterwards before finding their own homes. I’ll share the other three pieces sometime later, but until then, enjoy this piece!