Another one from Blood Run


Here’s a collaborative piece, featuring the combined efforts of Jerry Fogg, Chad Nelson, Angela Behrends, Nancyjane Huehl, and myself, Chris Francis. We call ourselves ‘Blood Run Artworks of the Big Sioux’.




Or how I told the story of Madison, South Dakota native Eugene Vidal, his son, noted author Gore Vidal, and famed pilot Amelia Earhart with a piece made in just a day, during the ‘Studio 301’ event held at the Washington Pavilion Visual Arts Center in Sioux Falls this past October.







East to West and back again…

‘Boxed Offerings for the Red-Tailed Hawk’

Traveled from East to West and back again, and the Red-Tailed Hawk marked the path along the span of electric lines and wired fence, making a direction home known. For that, all I can offer in exchange for such guidance is eight boxes held down by a stone found in the hills, a tail made of chain, and a simple word of thanks.


Installation at Upper Iowa University

I’ve been fortunate to have had a few chances and opportunities along this path, end of the day, some were good, some were bad, but at least they happened. Here’s a few shots from a solo showing I did in the winter of 2005 at Upper Iowa University, liked the space, and yes, guess I’ve always had a soft spot for stuff on floors too.








Art of the Hills

I was asked about 2 years back to write a piece about being a ‘young’ South Dakota artist and reflect upon that experience for a publication based in Hill City, SD, ‘Art of the Hills’. One part observation, another part reflection, and 5 pages of some rather good art and quotes from a few friends too, copies can be found still, just look around.

francis 2francis 3

francis 4

Maker of Things in Masses

I tend to make things in mass, which to me is a practice of one part patience and another part reflection. There might be two or three or there might be a dozen, but while each is similar in form or theme, each is unique in its own small ways. I just make them.